WSP Pride started in 2019. The original idea was a small gathering of people hanging out in the park. Then we realized how excited our community was to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and that small gathering turned into a community-funded, volunteer-ran several hour long celebration through blistering heat and a thunderstorm right in the middle of the whole thing. We had lunch for everyone, some vendors showed up, and we met welcoming neighbors we didn’t even know we had. It was truly amazing. 

We were all geared up in 2020 to do it again, but then we wound up in the middle of a pandemic. With the LGBTQ+ community facing unique challenges as it is, we couldn’t risk the idea of spreading the COVID-19 virus to each other. It was with an incredibly heavy heart that we had to cancel our 2020 event. 

In 2021, with a vaccine available and a much lower number of reported cases of COVID, all systems were go for another round of WSP Pride. We had dozens of vendors and community partners show up, more free lunch, a wildly successful silent auction, and, of course, more rain showers. It didn’t stop our community from showing up, and it was obvious how much we missed that connection with one another. 

We’re so happy to celebrate again in 2022, and hope to see you all there!